What are the benefits of assistants?

Wizards are important employees who accompany you through your manager life. Everyone fulfills an important task in the game. Negotiate with your assistants and sign them. Each assistant starts at level 1 and can climb to level 10.

Which wizards are there?

Attorney: The lawyer is responsible for negotiating with players and / or sponsors longer and more effectively. He offers you the opportunity to give longer offers to the player or the sponsor, until he either agrees to the negotiations, or makes himself ice cold from the dust.


Bookmaker: The bookmaker is there to accept bets. You can make bets in your league via the bookmaker. If you think the team x wins against the team xy then you can give your bookmaker a wager, which he then places on the appropriate team.


Assistant coach: The assistant coach is suitable for allowing your players to progress faster in their strength. Per co-coach level, your players can see a better post-workout boost.

  • Youth coach: The youth coach will provide your club with youth players and train them. The youth players rise faster in the hand of the youth coach like professional players. The increase in youth players per training session depends on the level of the youth coach.

  • Scout: The Scout is looking for players from all over the world who have not been signed yet. With a bit of luck you can land a great talent with a scout.

  • Physiotherapist: During the games your players are fouled. But that's not a problem for the physiotherapist. The physiotherapist takes care of battered players and puts them back on the front man.

  • Merchandise Manager: This assistant is suitable for your fan shop to buy cheap items. He negotiates with merchants and sells these items in your fan shop. However, you have to buy your articles independently.

  • Catering Operator: This assistant has almost the same function as the Merchendise Manager. He can give you discounts in the purchase of the goods. But as I said before, you have to buy your articles in your gastronomy independently.