• Decimal places must be entered with a period and can not be entered with a comma

  • The date must be entered in the format DD.MM.YYYY

  • The calculation refers to the system clock

  • The current values ​​of the training groups (skills) must be prioritized, i. in Skill 1 - Skill 3 in the order in which they are trained.

  • Both the already trained and the still to be trained values ​​must be entered




  • Skill 1 (already trained): 995

  • Skill 2 (already trained): 995

  • Skill 3 (being trained): 115

  • Skill 1 (being trained): 800

  • Skill 2 (to be trained soon): 50

  • Skill 3 (to be trained soon): 40


Possible deviations despite correct operation:


  • If the actual result deviated significantly down, then the training was not optimal

  • Any improvements made by training camps can make the actual result higher

  • Training progress is not linear and each player has an individual pitch scheme, so minor random variations can not be ruled out

  • If the youth coaching level changes between the calculation and the end of the contract, then of course the calculation is no longer valid