Re-entry into the game

How to re-enter:
1. How do I get cash quickly?

a. Finish the tutorial
b. Complete sponsorship contracts
c. Pledges Buildings (Currently none of the buildings bring you anything)
d. Theoretically, you could also make bets. But to set a strong bookmaker before pledging the head office.

2. Money is there, how can I get the 7 new players for a team?

1. Hire a youth coach. This brings a player every day, as long as you have no other youth player in the squad. Therefore            give each new youth player immediately a professional contract, so that at night comes the next, etc.


2. Engage a scout and send it off.

3. Buy cheap players (strength does not matter). Attention: many providers of very weak players are inactive. Indication           for this: 'Already assigned to no league'. Bids are of course pointless ...


4. If credits are available and can also be used: 'Buy Now' of very weak players under 30 strength. Per player about 750 €          and 10 credits

3. The worst is over. With 7 players you will be assigned to a league.

How are you?

1. Take part in tournaments where you also get a lot of prize money in last place.

2. Arrange daily friendlies as far away as possible and in big stadiums (Here in the forum you can search for friendly                matches)

3. Check the perfect entrance fees for your home games (standing room € 10, seats € 25 and VIP boxes € 55) and keep the          public relations over 90%

4. Trigger the pledged buildings again as soon as enough money comes in.
    4.1 Headquarters: As strong as possible youth coach. Only then it is worthwhile to keep the youth players (if good                    enough) and continue to train.
    4.2 Training place: stronger co-trainer from Lvl. 7. Only then is the purchase of stronger players worthwhile for the                       rebuilding
   4.3 Fanshop & Gastronomy: Through diligent filling of the camps additional income (Fanshop much more than                                gastronomy)
   4.4 Radio & TV Station: Two more sponsors and less loss of publicity


5. Engage the following additional assistants:
    5.1 Physiotherapist (fewer injuries)
    5.2 Merchandise Manager and Catering Company (discount on orders)
    5.3 Lawyer, bookmaker and scout are rather secondary
    5.4 Continue to build the stadium and club grounds
    5.5 Basting on a competitive catre

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